Founded in 2011, Coolbo (short for“Shenzhen Unionstar Coolbo Information Technology Co.,Ltd) has been specializing in social media marketing for hospitality, tourism and real estate industry for over 12 years. It was one of the pilot agencies in China providing WeChat account management service, WeChat mall setup and personalized QR code design. In recent years with the emergence and extensive application of WeChat mini-program, WeChat video marketing, Douyin and Little Redbook, Coolbo expands its service scope to these rising channels including but not limited to content marketing, functions development, videography services, etc. Over the past decade, Coolbo served more than 500 luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes and tourist attractions, covering 60 plus cities in China and overseas destinations.


Over 12 years of experiences in social media management for hospitality

Establish social media strategy with measurable goals

Build successful WeChat marketing cases studies in hotel industry

Boost brand value through creative and personalized design

Commission-free policy applies

Drive industry leadership through continuous innovation on products and services